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Welcome to Abacus Tax Advisors Ltd, your trusted local accountants in Bradford. With over 15 years of experience, we are dedicated to assisting businesses in Bradford in maximising their income, reducing tax liabilities, and nurturing growth.
Our reputation is founded on delivering top-quality small business accountant services with a warm smile, a friendly approach, and a commitment to comprehending your unique financial requirements. Whether you run a small family-owned business or a large corporation, we offer straightforward and pragmatic advice without the financial jargon.

Local Accountants in Bradford

Explore our extensive range of accounting services tailored to address the diverse needs of small and medium-sized businesses right here in Bradford. Our team of local Chartered Accountants brings a wealth of expertise to cater to your financial demands.

HMRC Tax Investigation Specialist in Bradford

We specialise in HMRC tax investigations, and our HMRC Tax Investigation Specialist is at your service to help Bradford businesses navigate the intricacies of tax disputes and inquiries.

VAT Fraud Investigation Specialist in Bradford

Bradford businesses benefit from our VAT fraud investigation expertise. Our VAT Fraud Investigation Specialist provides expert guidance and protection against fraudulent activities and disputes within the local business environment.

How to Set Up a Limited Company in Bradford

If you're contemplating the establishment of a limited company or an LLP in Bradford, our team provides valuable guidance on business structures, share agreements, and incorporation relief.

Small Business Accountant in Bradford

Small businesses in Bradford can count on our support for payroll, VAT returns, tax planning, and more through our specialised small business accountant services.

Tradesman Accountant in Bradford

From roofers to electricians, we assist tradesmen in Bradford with payroll management, tax planning, and partnership agreements. Look no further for a tradesman accountant in Bradford.

Overdue Tax Returns in Bradford

We assist Bradford businesses in updating previous tax returns, managing appeals, and ensuring the accuracy of HMRC assessments. Overdue tax returns are effortlessly handled by our expert team.

S162 Incorporation Relief in Bradford

Discover the advantages of S162 incorporation relief for landlords in Bradford, including the postponement of CGT payments and more.

Xero Accountant in Bradford

Our Bradford-based Xero accounting services encompass cloud integration, Xero training, and certified Xero partner accountants. Receive specialised advice and services from our dedicated Xero Accountant team.

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If you’re in Bradford and require local expertise for your financial needs, we invite you to reach out to Abacus Tax Advisors Ltd, located in the heart of Bradford. If you’re located outside Bradford, please check our ‘Areas We Cover‘ page for additional information.

To explore more about the Abacus team and our services, take a look at our FAQs, testimonials, and meet the team pages.

To find out how we can assist you in achieving your financial goals, contact us at 0113 226 5982 or email tax@abacusleeds.co.uk to begin your journey.